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tgpSize™ contains tire size data historically included in Tire Guide Pro™, an industry standard for original tire sizes for vehicles manufactured since 1980. tgpSize™ data is parsed to provide you with complete flexibility, allowing the data to be used for multiple purposes and configurations.


tgpBrands™ is a sophisticated electronic catalog of tire skus from over 50 tire manufacturers. It includes tire specifications, F&B and images standardized into a consistent database. tgpBRANDS™ can easily be interfaced with all our other tire fitment products using a key tire size ID or by matching size attributes according to your own business rules.


tgpMount™ contains data for properly installing a tire/wheel combination to the same specifications that were originally used. Original values for lug nut torque and wheel width, contour, diameter, and offset, as well as bolt circle dimensions, bolt pattern, center hub dimensions and stud dimensions, are provided.


Original vehicle manufacturer recommended inflation pressures are available in tgpPSI™.


tgpOEM™ provides information regarding tires that originally came with a new standard vehicle. The tire brand, brand line, and in most cases, the part number of the original tire(s), are included for many of the vehicles in tgpSize™.


tgpPlus™ is a valuable tool in determining tire fitment options, providing alternate fitments for +0 through +2 wheel dimension changes. tgpPlus™ is unique, containing dimensional information, as well as load requirements, for replacement tires. Proper load analysis can assist you in determining whether the replacement tires will maintain the same load bearing capability as the original tires.