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Tire Guide

Complete tire and wheel fitment for cars and trucks listed by year/make/model.
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Tread Design Guide

Shows tread patterns for all types of tires sold in the U.S.
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Who Makes It & Where

Brand listing with manufacturer and distributor information; worldwide listing of web site addresses, fax numbers and U.S. toll free numbers.
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OEM Tire Size Guide

Original equipment for cars and light trucks listed by tire size.
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Tire Tech Guide

Conversion charts and time charts plus "how to" and safety information, etc.
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Tire Quality Grading Booklet

Government rated gradings for treadwear, traction and temperature
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Retread Code Book

5,500+ tire retreaders listed by govt. code numbers.
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All-Purpose Percentage Book

Tables for markups, discounts, adjustments, etc.
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Special note regarding 2017 CD Library: Single user price of $99.95 is for a single CD/single user/single PC. If accessing thru a network, a multi-user license is required. Please contact Tire Guides to place order for multi-user license.

Publications Library CD-ROM

9 great publications on a single CD-ROM!!! Tire Guide - Tread Design Guide - Who Makes It & Where - The Tire Tech Guide - OEM Tire Size Guide - Plus Sizing Guide - Retread Code Book - Lug Nut Torque Chart - Tire Quality Grading Booklet This ...
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Plus Size Guide

A guide to plus sizing your tires, plus 0 to plus 2. With the correct application, Plus-Sizing will enhance the performance of any vehicle. The lower aspect ratio (shorter sidewall) and increased contact patch (larger footprint) result in ...
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Coming Soon! Please check back late Spring 2017 for availability and pricing.

Old Timers Tire Guide

8th Edition
Coming Soon!