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Fitment Publications
Tire and Wheel fitments for cars and trucks. A complete collection of plus Sizing, tread design images, original equipment fitments, and more...
Database Solutions
All the information provided in the publications with the power of database selection plus the Tire Brand database. Use either TireSync webservice or your own server....
The educational solution for your shop. Lug nut torque, tire tips, tire size conversions and more....
The Tire Tool is the ulimate product for removing tire serial numbers.
Featured Products

Tire Guide

Complete tire and wheel fitment for cars and trucks listed by year/make/model. Covers 7 years.
  • Available Late-February/Early March 2015!
  • Publication containing Complete Tire & Rim Specifications for cars and light trucks.
  • This edition contains information that goes back 7 years.
  • Revised & Updated Yearly with the most accurate & complete information compiled directly from the vehicle manufacturers.
  • Table of Contents & Index make it the most quick & easy reference guide available.
  • Includes P-Metric & European Metric Conversion Charts.
  • Contains Load & Inflation Tables and Approved Rim Contour Charts provided by The Tire and Rim Association
  • Also includes Lug Nut Torque Specifications for Passenger Car and Light Truck Vehicles.
  • Rubber Manufacturers Association approved Rim Width & Tire Replacement Charts.
  • Other helpful charts & information such as Tire Speed Rating, Tire Rotation, Etc.
  • Known as "The Tire Industry Bible".
  • Back Issues Available.
Available (In-Stock)

Plus Size Guide

A guide to plus sizing your tires, plus 0 to plus 3. With the correct application, Plus-Sizing will enhance the performance of any vehicle. The lower aspect ratio (shorter sidewall) and increased contact patch (larger footprint) result in improved steering response, braking and appearance.
  • A new look for your tires aimed at enhancing the performance of your vehicle
  • Covers 10+ years of passenger and light truck models.
Available (In-Stock)
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